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Barry Zogon Band live on Dec 10

Come and see Barry Zogon Band’s last show for 2016 with some other cool bands at FARM PARTY 21 on December 10th.

FARM PARTY #21farmparty21-large

10 Dec 2016 @ Ruby Room, Shibuya

LIVE: COCOON PITネオンズ (NEONS), 病気くん (byokikun), Barry Zogon Band

DJ: Timebred, Grant McGaheran, craig eee

18:30.  ¥1500 (+ drink)



Barry Zogon Band live at SPACE FÊTE #2 on July 5

Come and see the works of the almighty Barry Zogon live at Ruby Room in Shibuya on July 5 along with some other great mind-expanding music.

Tokyo Gig Guide presents SPACE FÊTE #2spacefete2


南ドイツ (Minami Deutsch)

Barry Zogon Band

LIF (Soh from Hysteric Picnic)

Client/Server is Kill


Hallie Suzuki

Roodmin (Hippo Disco)

Grant McGaheran

craig eee


18:30 Open/Start. 1000 yen (+ drink)

Tokyo Gig Guide event page

Facebook event page

Barry Zogon Band live on May 16

Grant, Craig and Tatsumi’s new project Barry Zogon Band are playing their third gig and first show of 2015 this Saturday May 16 in Koenji. It will be a blast!


The Everyday World of Bodies Volume 11everyday world of bodies

May 16 2015

Live: GRIND-d.c.p.s., Barry Zogon Band, Client/Server is Kill

Open 18:30, start 19:00

500 yen

At Sound Studio DOM Koenji




Abikyokan & Barry Zogon Band Live




4/20 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with The Neso, neccc, 273秒

1/5 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Moja, This Day Last Year (Australia), Fidel 500


9/22 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with サイコ風呂敷, KUUNATIC, Cusper

6/3 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Second Apartment, YGK, come to my party, Justice Christopher

4/28 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Alexa Dexa, Energish Golf, Youthmemory


12/10 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Cocoon Pit, NEONS, byokikun

6/16 – lown, Shimokitazawa with Juliette Jemm & the Naka Jets, The Seymours

6/5 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Kiyasu Orchestra, OPQ, DJ Topgear, hitodama

3/13 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Monaural mini-Plug, Day and Buffalo, SHOKO


7/5 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Minami Deutsch, LIF, Client/Server is Kill

5/16 – DOM Studio, Koenji with GRIND-d.c.p.s., Client/Server is Kill


10/24 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Meah!, Jebiotto, comorevi-ButtEr fLy

9/26 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Goodbye Enemy Airship, Mokyow, Minami Deutsch, Akainu Shimai




4/25 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Slowmarico, Servals.

2/16 – Ten, Koenji with うるせぇよ。

1/12 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Hysteric Picnic, Fancy Numnum, ヤング・フラッテリィズ.


10/13 – Crawfish, Akasaka with Boys of Hong Kong, Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass, Andersons, Nevernevereverland, Albion’s Gambit

5/10 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with come to my party, 1000s of cats.

2/24 – Yellow Vision, Asagaya with Garinoise, Nakagawa Ichiro.


9/28 – Rosso 350, Shinjuku with Liquor Store.

8/30 – 20000V, Higashi-Koenji with Jebiotto!, N’toko, Praha Depart, Exoskeletone.

06/02 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Speaker. Art exhibition: sayuri lovelock

2/16 – Bullet’s, Nishiazabu with DJs amikit* (OSFC), ごじゃ, DJ ナイアガラ, DJ エメラルド, matocotoshuco


11/05 – Dynamo, Koenji with Jebiotto!, Fancy Numnum, Living Astro

10/29 – 12 Bunch, Mizonokuchi with Caesium-138, Sam-hain

5/28 – Loft, Shinjuku with birds melt sky, Mont Blanc, ちくわテイスティング協会, The Watanabes

4/22 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Ntoko, Akane Hosaka, ヤング・フラッテリィズ

3/26 – Pink Cow, Shibuya with Paranoid Bee

3/20 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Makino Eri & Best Friends, TropeN


10/29 – Maple House, Gakugei-Daigaku with Misfits Tribute Band

9/05 – Gamuso, Asagaya with 1000s of Cats, Psocase

6/26 – Stepway Studio, Yoyogi with Opossum, The Oversleep Excuse, Dakko

4/17 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Akane Hosaka, Living Astro, tsuma-saki, Belgium Internet

1/31 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Walkie Talkie in the Cornfield, Psocase


12/19 – Tots Studio, Honancho with TropeN, PSOCASE, speaker, ymss, tsuma-saki, matokotoshuco

11/13 – Under Deer Lounge, Shibuya with  Laurier Tiernan, 19 Mirrors

10/10 – 20000V, Koenji with Mir, The Mornings, tacobonds, 桃色アゲハ, ruruxu/sinn, ミー愛さしみ

5/23 – Meets, Otsuka with NOW (from London), Makino Eri, boucheta, coin, minguss

4/11 – Arutobenri, Hirai with TropeN, Makino Eri


8/30 – Flat, Nishiogikubo with Eri Makino, TropeN, Psy-Vogue

7/12 – Heaven’s Door, Sangenjaya with TropeN

6/7 – What’s Up, Uguisudani with TropeN

5/17 Flat, Nishiogikubo

3/15 – Flat, Nishiogikubo with Eri Makino, TropeN


8/24 – Flat, Nishiogikubo with guest Miki Naoe (from Dennou Shock Boys), TropeN, Eri Makino, PONCHOS & SCOOTERS

3/17 – Aoiheya, Shibuya with 的場裕太, Saturday Evening Post, Makino Eri, arbo l, 寫實繪師, Jobim


9/30  – Showboat, Koenji with And About Hers, レンダ, Audipop, テクマ!, Drive To The Forest In A Japanese Car, Clisms, ヨルズインザスカイ, Worst Taste

7/03 – O-Nest, Shibuya with SHOOT MY DISCO, miami, SALADABAR, DE DE MOUSE, モスキイト, 右大臣左大臣, DJ KOVACS

4/30 – 20000V, Koenji with Heaven’s People Band, Garara

4/2 – Penguin House, Koenji with Artificial Lover, Aural Fit, 陰核御殿, That’s A No No!, マイアミ


10/09 – Penguin House, Koenji with Usagi Spiral A, Miami, Alan Smithee, Bonzos, Audipop

8/05 – Warp, Kichijoji with TropeN

7/10 –  Ebisu, Guilty

6/15 – Muryoku Muzenji with Dennou Shock Boys

5/27 – Cyclone, Shibuya

5/22 – Penguin House, Koenji with 宮川俊介 (From ボンゾズ), Audipop, The Students, Shoot My Disco

4/30 – Yaneura, Shibuya


10/16 – Cafe Moderate

7/24 – La Fabrique, Shibuya with Stockholm Film Group

5/15 – Cafe Moderate

3/6 – Cafe Moderate

Live on 4/25 for Farm Party 11

Abikyokan are celebrating their 10 year anniversary and possibly the last show with Jake before he moves back to the US. Also playing is Servals with Craig from Abikyokan on bass, and DJs Tatsumi (Goatherd) and Grant from Abikyokan. Don’t miss it!

Tokyo Gig Guide presents FARM PARTY #11








hitch (eguri)

Roodmin (Hippo Disco)


Grant McGaheran


Tokyo Gig Guide page

Facebook page


Live on 1/12 for Farm Party 10

Abikyokan will be kicking off the new year at the 10th edition of Farm Party with a bunch of great bands and DJs.

Farm Party 10

Tokyo Gig Guide presents Farm Party #10

January 12 2014 (Sunday, before a public holiday)

@ Ruby Room, Shibuya

Live: Hysteric Picnic, Abikyokanヤング・フラッテリィズfancy numnum

DJs: RoodminEmeraldGrant McGaheranTimebredPonkan Beats

Starts at 18:30. Costs 1000yen (+ drink)

More info

Abikyokan live on October 13th!

abikyokan 2013.9We’ll be playing live for the first time in five months next Sunday, October 13th, at Boys and Girls Tokyo!

We’re on at 8pm – hope to see you there!

Date: 2013/10/13 (Sunday)

Place: Akasaka Crawfish

Open/Start: 16:30

Charge: 2000円


16:30 – DJ Terry Di Canio

17:00 Albion’s Gambit

17:30 DJ TichCuc

18:00 Nevernevereverland

18:30 DJ Ian Martin (Call and Response)

19:00 Andersons

19:30 DJ Terry Di Canio


20:30 DJ TichCuc

21:00 Akabane Vulgars

21:30 DJ Ian Martin (Call and Response)

22:00 Boys of Hong Kong

22:30 DJ Terry Di Canio

Facebook page

Tokyo Gig Guide page


Live at Ruby Room on May 10 for Farm Party #8

farmparty8-borderTokyo Gig Guide’s Farm Party is back!

For Farm Party #8 at Ruby Room in Shibuya on May 10th, Abikyokan will be joined by come to my party and 1000s of cats. DJs include our friends The Dad Jackets and Ian Martin.

Tokyo Gig Guide presents Farm Party #8

Date: Friday 10 May 2013

Venue: Ruby Room, Shibuya, Tokyo

Open: 18:30, start 19:00

Cost: 1000yen (+ drink)

Live: come to my partyabikyokan1000s of cats

DJs: The Dad Jackets (Roodmin & Vinski), Ian Martin (Call and Response Records), Timutaku (Alternative Current), Grant McGaheran (Abikyokan)