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The 24 Hours EP (2012)

Abikyokan – The 24 Hours EP

1. 24 Hours (3:06)
2. Your Tattoo (4:01)
3. Thicker Stuff (4:23)

Released 30 August 2012

Written, recorded and produced by Abikyokan in Hirai and Kameido, Tokyo, Summer 2012

Jacob Arntson – vocals, guitar, synth
Grant McGaheran – drums, beats, samples, synths
Tatsumi Ochiai – synths, guitar
Craig Exton – bass guitar

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Review of The Fear EP

Ian Martin over at Clear and Refreshing has written a nice honest review of our latest EP:

Abikyokan: The Fear EP

Tokyo-based pan-national wrongpop quartet Abikyokan’s new EP sees the eclectic and unpredictable group dropping, at least for now, the live drums that clomped through some of their recent recordings and reining back on the harder rocking blues, country and soul influences in favour of a return to electronic beats and focus on the synth-based 80s pop elements that they never quite really abandoned and…

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Abikyokan presents our kind of “Rotating Terror Cube” (2004)

2004 Abikyokan presents our kind of “Rotating Terror Cube” – EP

1. Comatose Baby (4:14)
2. Ketchup Is A Choice (5:39)
3. Custard High School (3:25)
4. Hungry Bees (8:22)
5. Abi Lost in Der Sex Field (6:27)
6. Omnirice (8:10)

Songs can be downloaded from Goatbabe

Jake Arntson (guitar, synth)
Keitaro Endo (bass)
Ben Frost (vocals)
Grant McGaheran (synth, samples, guitar)
Tatsumi Ochiai (devices)

Tapes EP (2004)

Abikyokan – Tapes EP (2004)

1. Comatose Baby (4:48)
2. Stunning Italian Design (4:40)
3. A Womb With A View (4:31)
4. Death und Socks (5:28)
5. Panchira (11:42)
6. Omnirice (10:03)

Jake Arntson (guitar, vocal)
Ben Frost (vocals)
Grant McGaheran (synth, samples, vocal, guitar)
Tatsumi Ochiai (devices)