Barry Zogon Band live at SPACE FÊTE #2 on July 5

Come and see the works of the almighty Barry Zogon live at Ruby Room in Shibuya on July 5 along with some other great mind-expanding music.

Tokyo Gig Guide presents SPACE FÊTE #2spacefete2


南ドイツ (Minami Deutsch)

Barry Zogon Band

LIF (Soh from Hysteric Picnic)

Client/Server is Kill


Hallie Suzuki

Roodmin (Hippo Disco)

Grant McGaheran

craig eee


18:30 Open/Start. 1000 yen (+ drink)

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Barry Zogon Band live on May 16

Grant, Craig and Tatsumi’s new project Barry Zogon Band are playing their third gig and first show of 2015 this Saturday May 16 in Koenji. It will be a blast!


The Everyday World of Bodies Volume 11everyday world of bodies

May 16 2015

Live: GRIND-d.c.p.s., Barry Zogon Band, Client/Server is Kill

Open 18:30, start 19:00

500 yen

At Sound Studio DOM Koenji


KameidoscopeTatsumi, Grant and Craig from Abikyokan and Barry Zogon Band are organising a Christmas event on December 20th in Kameido called Kameidoscope. We will be djing along with our friends Ian Martin, Eri Makino (DJ Emerald), Chris Carlier (DJ Timebred) and Kohei (DJ Kohei).

Barry Zogon Band presents KAMEIDOSCOPE!
A new DJ night in Kameido, eastern city of turtles, gyoza and dreams!
The Best Of Muzik plus LASER DISCS!

12月20日 at Kameido Goatbabe
6pm – last train
6PM – 終電まで


Barry Zogon Band All-Stars:
☆craig eee
☆Grant McGaheran

Special Guests:
☆Emerald (Synthesmic)
☆Ian Martin (Call and Response)
☆Kohey (Servals)
☆Timebred (Wild Mood Swings, Little in Japan)

* Please bring your own drinks.

東京都 江東区 亀戸 1-28-7 B1F
Kameido 1-28-7 B1F

JR総武線 亀戸駅北口から徒歩5分
都営新宿線 西大島駅(A2出口)より徒歩8分

From JR Kameido station (Sobu Line):
Leave by the north (large) ticket gate and go out of the small exit to your left by Newdays. Turn left.
Keep going and you’ll see a large intersection. Go straight on over the footbridge and keep going down the road. Goatbabe is on the right after about five minutes, just before a bridge, and after Family Mart and Book Off.
It’s in the basement of the same building as a curry restaurant called Cresson.

From Nishiojima station (Toei Shinjuku Line)
Go out of the A2 exit and walk north on the left side of the road. After about five minutes you’ll pass under a highway. About a minute after that you’ll see Cresson curry restaurant on your left. Goatbabe is in the basement.

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Abikyokan – Chrysopolis

Abikyokan – Chrysopolis

Recorded in Summer 2014 at Goatbabe, Kameido, Tokyo by Abikyokan.

Jacob Arntson – vocals, electronic synthesizer
Craig Exton – electric bass guitar
Grant McGaheran – electronic beats
Tatsumi Ochiai – electric guitar, artwork

Licinius said, to the men by his side,
“Don’t look at the banner’s bright eyes!
With the power of christ, he’s abandoned the gods, and plans to throw them aside.”
Constantine rode, his banner held strong, as javelins ripped his men apart.
The swinging of swords and the snapping of spears, with a hundred thousand men on a side.
With the empire healed, one man and one Rome, one god for the entire world.
Licinius fled with his wife and his child, in Thessaloniki they retired.
But Constantine’s men they killed father and son leaving Constantia all alone. And later he killed his own wife and child, is this a true apostle of god?
Jupiter, Mars, and Apollo must wait.


Abikyokan – Cleopatra  Recorded in the June 2014 at Goatbabe, Kameido, Tokyo by Abikyokan.

Jacob Arntson – lead vocals, lead synth, lead artwork.
Grant McGaheran – lead beats.
Tatsumi Ochiai – lead guitar, lead artwork.
Craig Exton – lead bass guitar.

Part I

Wrapped up in a carpet
Unravel her deepest charm
Caesar takes her right to him
to penetrate her deepest heart

So easy to blame a woman
society will eat itself
Weakening all their manhood
as incest will take its toll

Wrapped up in a battle
There’s fire on the open sea
Antony and Cleopatra
Escape to their suicide

So easy to blame a woman
Society can fuck itself
Masculine little jokers
as incest will take its toll

Part II

Hurry come to the river
the pleasure barge is here
Gilded birds and silver serpents
the writings on the deck

Hold the snake to breast
A fleeting type of life
Antony he smiles
in red and white he dies
Hold the snake to breast
A lovely suicide
The fangs dip in and kill
a lovely suicide

Hurry to the river
the snakes have come to feed
Silver birds and serpents
that’s really all you need

Hold the snake to breast
A fleeting type of life
Antony he smiles
in red and white he dies
Hold the snake to breast
a lovely suicide
the fangs dip in and kill
A lovely way to die
Hold the snake to breast
A deadly suicide
The fangs dip in and kill
a lovely way to die
Hold the snake breast
a bitter suicide
the fangs dip in and kill
A better way to die




Abikyokan – Diocletian

Recorded in the spring of 2014 at Goatbabe, Kameido, Tokyo by Abikyokan.

Jacob Arntson – lead vocals, lead synth, lead artwork. 
Grant McGaheran – lead beats, lead synth. 
Tatsumi Ochiai – lead guitar, lead additional artwork. 
Craig Exton – lead bass guitar. 


Cut the cow’s throat, the gods be appeased 
Scrying the future in organs and blood 
Diocletian, he’s killing the Christians 
Burning the churches and stamping out Christ 
Constantine watched, the blood and the horror 
Shaping the future, to become a man 
Diocletian, retiring from power 
He’s gardening peacefully beside the sea 

Jupiter, Mars, and Apollo will come back 
Jupiter, Mars and Apollo will come back 
JUPITER, MARS, and APOLLO will come back 
Jupiter, Mars, and Apollo will come back


Abikyokan & Barry Zogon Band Live




4/20 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with The Neso, neccc, 273秒

1/5 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Moja, This Day Last Year (Australia), Fidel 500


9/22 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with サイコ風呂敷, KUUNATIC, Cusper

6/3 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Second Apartment, YGK, come to my party, Justice Christopher

4/28 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Alexa Dexa, Energish Golf, Youthmemory


12/10 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Cocoon Pit, NEONS, byokikun

6/16 – lown, Shimokitazawa with Juliette Jemm & the Naka Jets, The Seymours

6/5 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Kiyasu Orchestra, OPQ, DJ Topgear, hitodama

3/13 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Monaural mini-Plug, Day and Buffalo, SHOKO


7/5 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Minami Deutsch, LIF, Client/Server is Kill

5/16 – DOM Studio, Koenji with GRIND-d.c.p.s., Client/Server is Kill


10/24 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Meah!, Jebiotto, comorevi-ButtEr fLy

9/26 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Goodbye Enemy Airship, Mokyow, Minami Deutsch, Akainu Shimai




4/25 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Slowmarico, Servals.

2/16 – Ten, Koenji with うるせぇよ。

1/12 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with Hysteric Picnic, Fancy Numnum, ヤング・フラッテリィズ.


10/13 – Crawfish, Akasaka with Boys of Hong Kong, Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass, Andersons, Nevernevereverland, Albion’s Gambit

5/10 – Ruby Room, Shibuya with come to my party, 1000s of cats.

2/24 – Yellow Vision, Asagaya with Garinoise, Nakagawa Ichiro.


9/28 – Rosso 350, Shinjuku with Liquor Store.

8/30 – 20000V, Higashi-Koenji with Jebiotto!, N’toko, Praha Depart, Exoskeletone.

06/02 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Speaker. Art exhibition: sayuri lovelock

2/16 – Bullet’s, Nishiazabu with DJs amikit* (OSFC), ごじゃ, DJ ナイアガラ, DJ エメラルド, matocotoshuco


11/05 – Dynamo, Koenji with Jebiotto!, Fancy Numnum, Living Astro

10/29 – 12 Bunch, Mizonokuchi with Caesium-138, Sam-hain

5/28 – Loft, Shinjuku with birds melt sky, Mont Blanc, ちくわテイスティング協会, The Watanabes

4/22 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Ntoko, Akane Hosaka, ヤング・フラッテリィズ

3/26 – Pink Cow, Shibuya with Paranoid Bee

3/20 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Makino Eri & Best Friends, TropeN


10/29 – Maple House, Gakugei-Daigaku with Misfits Tribute Band

9/05 – Gamuso, Asagaya with 1000s of Cats, Psocase

6/26 – Stepway Studio, Yoyogi with Opossum, The Oversleep Excuse, Dakko

4/17 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Akane Hosaka, Living Astro, tsuma-saki, Belgium Internet

1/31 – Gamuso, Asagaya with Walkie Talkie in the Cornfield, Psocase


12/19 – Tots Studio, Honancho with TropeN, PSOCASE, speaker, ymss, tsuma-saki, matokotoshuco

11/13 – Under Deer Lounge, Shibuya with  Laurier Tiernan, 19 Mirrors

10/10 – 20000V, Koenji with Mir, The Mornings, tacobonds, 桃色アゲハ, ruruxu/sinn, ミー愛さしみ

5/23 – Meets, Otsuka with NOW (from London), Makino Eri, boucheta, coin, minguss

4/11 – Arutobenri, Hirai with TropeN, Makino Eri


8/30 – Flat, Nishiogikubo with Eri Makino, TropeN, Psy-Vogue

7/12 – Heaven’s Door, Sangenjaya with TropeN

6/7 – What’s Up, Uguisudani with TropeN

5/17 Flat, Nishiogikubo

3/15 – Flat, Nishiogikubo with Eri Makino, TropeN


8/24 – Flat, Nishiogikubo with guest Miki Naoe (from Dennou Shock Boys), TropeN, Eri Makino, PONCHOS & SCOOTERS

3/17 – Aoiheya, Shibuya with 的場裕太, Saturday Evening Post, Makino Eri, arbo l, 寫實繪師, Jobim


9/30  – Showboat, Koenji with And About Hers, レンダ, Audipop, テクマ!, Drive To The Forest In A Japanese Car, Clisms, ヨルズインザスカイ, Worst Taste

7/03 – O-Nest, Shibuya with SHOOT MY DISCO, miami, SALADABAR, DE DE MOUSE, モスキイト, 右大臣左大臣, DJ KOVACS

4/30 – 20000V, Koenji with Heaven’s People Band, Garara

4/2 – Penguin House, Koenji with Artificial Lover, Aural Fit, 陰核御殿, That’s A No No!, マイアミ


10/09 – Penguin House, Koenji with Usagi Spiral A, Miami, Alan Smithee, Bonzos, Audipop

8/05 – Warp, Kichijoji with TropeN

7/10 –  Ebisu, Guilty

6/15 – Muryoku Muzenji with Dennou Shock Boys

5/27 – Cyclone, Shibuya

5/22 – Penguin House, Koenji with 宮川俊介 (From ボンゾズ), Audipop, The Students, Shoot My Disco

4/30 – Yaneura, Shibuya


10/16 – Cafe Moderate

7/24 – La Fabrique, Shibuya with Stockholm Film Group

5/15 – Cafe Moderate

3/6 – Cafe Moderate