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Abikyokan – Rock Lights

Video edited by Craig Exton from parts of Il Pianeta Errante (The War Between Planets).

Jam recorded at Goatbabe Kameido in November 2012.

Jacob Arntson — voice, harmonica
Craig Exton — Casiotone keyboard
Grant McGaheran — synth
Tatsumi Ochiai — guitar
DM-1 — ice beats

God (Bigfoot) – video

From The Fear EP (June 2012).
Abikyokan are Jake Arntson, Grant McGaheran, Tatsumi Ochiai, Craig Exton.
Video by Craig Exton.
Footage from Beauties and the Beast (1974) and Abikyokan rehearsal in Hirai, Tokyo.

Fear (Video)

Fear by Abikyokan.
From the Fear EP out in June 2012.

Abikyokan are Jacob Arntson, Tatsumi Ochiai, Grant McGaheran and Craig Exton.

Video by Craig Exton from footage from the 1972 Russian film Ruslan And Ludmila (Руслан и Людмила – Ruslan i Lyudmila).

Don’t believe in fear, cause there is nothing after.
You can change your face, change what you say,
Don’t change at all, I love you your old way,
I’m running scared, I’m feeling bad, well good god damn you