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Abikyokan Goatbabe recording session 2013.3.15

We’ve started recording our new EP at Goatbabe – four brand new songs, three of which we played for the first time at our last gig.

Hopefully we’ll be playing live in April or May – more news soon.

For now, here are some photos of the AbiLads lost in the white heat of creativity.

abikyokan goatbabe recording 2013.3.15  craig exton jacob arntsonabikyokan goatbabe recording 2013.3.15 grant mcgaheran jacob arntsonabikyokan goatbabe recording 2013.3.15 tatsumi ochiai

Abikyokan Goatbabe Jam 2012/10/12

We’re currently jamming a wide variety of new, strange and hopefully beautiful material which we hope to release as a single, EP or something else this winter.

Here’s some photos of us at Tatsumi’s underground redoubt in Kameido, Goatbabe.




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