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Barry Zogon Band live on April 20 2018

Barry Zogon Band are going to play a set of new songs at Ruby Room for Farm Party 26. See you there!



Tokyo Gig Guide presents FARM PARTY 26


April 20 (Friday) 2018 @ Ruby Room, Shibuya

Open/start 19:00. 1500 yen (+ drink)

LIVE: The Neso, neccc, Barry Zogon Band, 273秒


Barry Zogon Band live on Jan 5 2018

Happy neu year from Barry Zogon Band!

Our first gig of 2018 is on Friday, 5th January at Ruby Room. Grant and Craig will be playing as a duo while Tatsumi is off skiing the slopes.



Tokyo Gig Guide presents Farm Party 25

Jan 5 2018 @ Ruby Room, Shibuya

Open/start: 18:30. Door: 1500 (+ drink)

Live: Moja, This Day Last Year (Australia), Fidel 500, Barry Zogon Band

DJ: Judy, Shannon (This Day Last Year), BZB DJs


Barry Zogon Band live on Dec 10

Come and see Barry Zogon Band’s last show for 2016 with some other cool bands at FARM PARTY 21 on December 10th.

FARM PARTY #21farmparty21-large

10 Dec 2016 @ Ruby Room, Shibuya

LIVE: COCOON PITネオンズ (NEONS), 病気くん (byokikun), Barry Zogon Band

DJ: Timebred, Grant McGaheran, craig eee

18:30.  ¥1500 (+ drink)