Abikyokan – Chrysopolis

Abikyokan – Chrysopolis

Recorded in Summer 2014 at Goatbabe, Kameido, Tokyo by Abikyokan.

Jacob Arntson – vocals, electronic synthesizer
Craig Exton – electric bass guitar
Grant McGaheran – electronic beats
Tatsumi Ochiai – electric guitar, artwork

Licinius said, to the men by his side,
“Don’t look at the banner’s bright eyes!
With the power of christ, he’s abandoned the gods, and plans to throw them aside.”
Constantine rode, his banner held strong, as javelins ripped his men apart.
The swinging of swords and the snapping of spears, with a hundred thousand men on a side.
With the empire healed, one man and one Rome, one god for the entire world.
Licinius fled with his wife and his child, in Thessaloniki they retired.
But Constantine’s men they killed father and son leaving Constantia all alone. And later he killed his own wife and child, is this a true apostle of god?
Jupiter, Mars, and Apollo must wait.

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