Was Rotating At Cafe Moderate Oct. 16th 2004

2004 Abikyokan was Rotating at Cafe Moderate – Live

1. Die Kleinen Und a Dog (5:41)
2. Message From Da Pharm (6:00)
3. Club Romeo (3:58)
4. Pig In The Water (4:56)
5. Womb with a View (3:20)
6. Dubwise (3:44)
7. Hungry Bees (4:22)
8. The Takedown (9:15)
9. Love Warrior (3:15)

Bonus Studio Tracks:
10. Pig In The Water (5:15)
11. Message From Da Pharm (4:14)

Jake Arntson (guitar, synth)
Keitaro Endo (bass)
Ben Frost (vocals)
Grant McGaheran (synth, samples, guitar)
Tatsumi Ochiai (devices)

Jah Miki of Dennoushockboys (short wave radio)
Pamela Hata (vocal)

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